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Rock Placing
Specialize in building thing from rock and placing to amaze!
DELIVERY AND PLACING ROCK AND BOULDERS ABSOLUTELY FREE. Within 50 miles or so give or take a mile or two. Together we can build amazing fire pits, waterfalls, ponds, walk ways, barriers for your flower garden the possibilities are endless. I stride to make you happy. This is not about me it's about you, if you want I can place them where I want and lets be honest it will loock good i've been doing this for 4 years now and just 2 months on my own. Or you are more than able to tell me where you want them and how you want them to set.

Owner-Mark Russell Vandaele

Owner, Laborer, Sales Man, Delivery Driver, and Advertizer

Started  my business on July 13, 2016. Been doing landscaping for 5 years now. I love what I do and take pride in doing landscaping. At the moment I am the only worker for my company. looking to expand when I can generate business to expand. I don't want to let anyone down. So far business is doing great. Please do not hesitate to call for a quote. Assorted Boulder and Rock Landscaping is 50%  cheeper than my compitation. and work twice as hard and put 100% heart into my work. Thank you for visiting my web page. Call me #280-600-5175.


Creating your dream garden
  1. North Eagle
  2. North Eagle
  3. West Middleton
  4. West Middleton
  5. West Middleton
  6. A little of everything
  7. See the green and the orange?
  8. My home and place of work. South Caldwell
  9. Assorted Boulders and Rock
  10. QUARTS
  11. Star
  12. North East Middleton
  13. North East Middleton
  14. North East Middleton / Star
  15. North East Middleton
  16. North East Middleton
  17. North East Middleton
  18. Huge Rock Wall
  19. North Middleton
  20. North Middleton
  21. Eagle
  22. Rock
  23. Eagle
  24. Eagle
  25. Eagle
  26. North Middleton
  27. East Middleton
  28. Nampa
  1. Sprinkler Repair
    Any kind of repair from flooding boxes to plumbing a leaky pipe. Also refurbish valves, selinoids, and sprinklers. I have a mounthly maintanance plan for your sprinkler system. $100 monthly that includes all repair parts needed for the year, also includes end of the year skrinkler blow outs covered.
  2. Boulder and Rock Placment
    I supply big to small rock to your hedges, islands, and garden. Place weed barrier and edge barrier. Set littler rock on top make it look real pretty. Then set the bigger rock in where it looks good. Services building works of art waterfalls, ponds, walk ways, fire pits, it's your choice. If you just want them placed it's free delivery and setting for $500?? Other please contact me for free quote.
  3. Handyman and Tree Removal
    Very good with constructing things and work well with hand or power tools. any job never to small ask me for free quote please. Tree removal depending on size around $100 will hual off. Planting price depends on what and how big of plant or tree im planting feel free to please contact me for free quote. Thank you much.
  1. Business Owner
    Business Owner
    I am Mark Vandaele. 33 years young. Attending American Intercontinental University Online for Bachelors Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship. I currently have a 3.0 or higher G.P.A. and have earned 24/24 credits earned. I still have a way to go till 2018.
  2. Secretary / Mother
    Secretary / Mother
    Secretary - Mother and a good one too. She's helped me to get where I am at and put a lot of hard work raising me.
  3. Employee
    My son. Teaching him how to work hard and smart. 14 years old and a great person to be around.
Certificate of assumed business name filed 6/27/2016. Thank you for your interest in my business. It's greatly appreciated you wont be disapointed.
Business Card
This is the business card I started with I have other cards that are simular to this card. Thank you.
  1. Your Dream Yard
    Make it your Way, and your own way.
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  4. Title
  5. Title

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